Audio Wireless Microphone

Audio Wireless Microphone

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 Audio Wireless Microphone


·         Special electronic circuitry for minimal noise distortion

·         Compact electronic transmitter & receiver circuit for good frequency transmission

·         Individual antennas for the VHF microphones to enhance their receiver to transmitter range.

·         Separate volume controls for both the VHF microphones

·         Mouth to Mic reception – 3-inch to 4-inch

·         Specially designed receiver compatible with high-quality pure quartz crystal

·         Easy installation & low power consumption

·         P38-P38 cable to attach receiver with amplifier

·         On/Off/Mute function for easy handling of Microphones

·         9-volt Lithium batteries operated, Unidirectional Microphones, VHF compatible for appropriate professional work



·         Premium quality Metal bawl for professional look

·         High-output neodymium magnet in cartridge module

·         We have the largest range of wireless microphones

·         Heavy-weight housing with anti-skid feet ensures stability

·         Acoustically designed to match with 5CORE® Mixers, Amplifier and speakers.