Drum Mic

Drum Mic

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Drum Mic 


·        Seven piece drum microphone kit including One Kick drum Microphone and 4 Snare/Tom Drum Microphones and 2 Overhead Microphones/Hi-Hat/CymbalMicrophones

·        Holder with Universal Tapping for balanced and adjustable effect responses from the microphone placement.

1.       Kick Microphone

Ø Around the beater head (inside drum) for maximum,balanced or soft bass effect.

Ø Around the speaker cone for emphasized,high-frequency and full, balanced sound

2.       Snare/tom Microphones

Ø  Above therim of drum head for crispy and punchy sound output

Ø Above the top of drum head for full, balanced sound output.

Ø Above the drum head for natural sound output.