Drum Microphone

Drum Microphone

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Drum Microphone 

1.       Kick Microphone

Ø  Around the beater head (inside drum) for maximum, balanced or soft bass effect.

Ø  Around the speaker cone for emphasized, high-frequency and full, balanced sound

2.       Snare/tom Microphones

Ø   Above the rim of drum head for crispy and punchy sound output

Ø  Above the top of drum head for full, balanced sound output.

Ø  Above the drum head for natural sound output.

3.       Overhead/Hi-Hat/Cymbal Microphones with guitar

Ø  From the sound hole for maximum bass effect

Ø  From the bridge for warm and mellow sound output

Ø  Above the side, over the bridge for natural, well balanced output

4.       Overhead/Hi-Hat/Cymbal Microphones with Drums

Ø  Few inches over the edge for natural Hi-Hat sound output

Ø  Above drummer’s head for natural overhead sound output

  1. ·         1 Kick Drum for extremely solid low frequency response
  2. ·         2 Drum-rim Microphone Mounts to easily fix the snare microphones with Locking Screws
  3. ·         2 Overhead Mics with Stand Clamps for easy arrangement of microphones
  4. ·         Kick & Snare Drum Microphones made of Fresh ABS plastic with ferrite magnet in cartridge in metal bawl
  5. ·         Foam cover  for dust-proofing of Overhead Microphones
  6. ·         Overhead Microphones can be used as guitar microphone

  7. ·         A durable lockable carry case with interiors covered with die-cut foam compartments