Neodymium Microphone

Neodymium Microphone

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Neodymium Microphone

5C MM ND 959 ELANTRA Wired Microphone compact and powerful Neodymium Series embossed with heavy-duty material, fine-quality soldering and shockproof body is efficiently-designed to render clear and placid sound reproduction giving its users the quality results they have been looking for.




·         Metallic black body with elegant paint finish

·         4-5 inch hand held reception from mouth

·         Shock/dust proofing of cartridge with metal bawl having thick foam 

·         Universally matched 3-pin professional XLR connector

·         4.5 meters coaxial, shielded low noise cable

·         Unidirectional microphones


·         High-quality Neodymium magnet in cartridge

·         Best Quality PP Metal with Powder Coating/Paint for Professional look

·         We have the largest range of Wired Microphones

·         Easily compatible with all PA System

·         Perfect molded body for handling the Microphone easily